Education Portals

Momentum – Is our Signature Small Business package. It includes CEC’s, mentoring internship and CertIV small business (6mths)

Overview: In our signature program we focus on: 

  • Systems & processes 
  • Sales & client retention
  • Accumulation of wealth & diversification
  • Your agent and recruiter to the Industry

Our Business is taking on you and your business and ensuring you are connected with the right people, circles and businesses that will help you achieve your identified goals.

The Charlie Rione Method : Our CEC Approved Fitness Program Under the Pilates Banner (1day)

Overview: In Our CEC Approved program we focus on:  

  • Fitness Australia CEC’s for continued education and re-registration
  • Promoting this program to clubs, studios, businesses, practitioners who want a course that might help fundraise, educate, motivate & elevate their clients, families and friends wellness & fitness education. 
  • Meets Our KPI’s to be known as providing approved, accredited and recognised education throughout all our programs and portfolio’s as we grow as an educator across our chosen Industries.

Mentoring for Excellence (6weeks)

This is our graduate program for those new to fitness, hospitality, beauty & business / construction 

Overview: In our fast-track program we focus on

  • We give our graduates a direct no bull reality of how, why, when and what for to ensure they are 
  • Equip them with tools to launch their careers, 
  • Get buy-in from employers as we teach our students how to blend into the vision, goals and KPIs of the chosen industry and company 
  • We assess, streamline and test our students’ knowledge before suggesting an organisation that suits their style, personality and skill set.
  • Please see testimonials from both students and RTO’s (registered training organisations that have partaken in our process to confirm that this is one of the most unique programs on the market.

Mentoring for excellence brands as DMT in the fitness industry for those wanting a CEC based or Industry based training package that becomes part of the in-house training & on-boarding /induction process.

Overview:In Our fast-track DMT program we focus on:

  • Cultural change. We believe staff, trainers & clients are Key to a business success, when the correct culture is established and maintained the sky is the limit.
  • We set a user friendly, community based intention.
  • We Train and implement (where needed), training, sales, outreach, onboarding protocols. 
  • Our students take onboard a mindset / & culture. We remove the negative contexts of ego and replace with a positive, forward thinking mindset that takes ownership not only of the individuals goals, but also those of the company they choose to be part of.
  • In turn creating easy transition into work, business and life.