Infra-red Heat Therapy

Infra-red Heat has been used by sport therapists and specialists for decades. Charlie is one of the first to bring heat into the training studio. In a world where anxiety is a daily challenge for many and we are bombarded with pressures of aging diseases such as diabetes and chronic pain. Charlie’s method is the forerunner in new thinking and longevity without medication.Infra-red Heat is positive on the heart, hits the nervous system immediately and leaves you relaxed and detoxed from your skin by taking pressure of major organs and ready to tackle life.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage and remedial therapies have been recognized as essential services. It is part of all programs and one-on-one services. Integrated in all Practitioner and therapy experiences Kahuna.

Health And Mindfulness

Lomi Lomi & Thai Massage components.

Health Fund Rebates

Connected with NDIS & workers compensation packages


Learner Body


Mechanisms for life

We teach coping mechanisms for life by igniting a passion for movement and become mindful and present in situations where the fight or flight mechanism kick in and anxiety, depression or suicide become the pattern of action instead of a life of learning, excitement and longevity.