Packages Detail

Everyday Options for Wellness

Remedial Massage

$120 / 60 min
  • Infra-red Heat ($65)
  • Our infra-red heat room allows a deeper healing process to all soft tissue and nervous system complaints and is a positive outcome for those managing high blood pressure.

Pilates One-on-One

$135 / 60 min
  • Clinical Pilates on Gravity Machine
  • Health Screen add $99 (separate appointment). This is specific to ailment : pre-requisite is a Health Screen to discuss ailments and contraindications to ensure we are aware of required outcomes.

Mobility Stretch Session

$80 / 45 min
  • This is a deep stretch & in conjunction with training or sport is a perfect addition to your regime.

Signature Treatments to CRT Clinics

CRT Clinics only (health & wellness through movement)

Pelvic Floor / Sciatica / Lower Back

$99 / 60 min
  • Part of a treatment series to increase mobility and reduce acute and chronic pain where needed. Specific to those suffering over long periods where special treatment from others has not yet worked.

Posture / Gait Alignment

$175 / Section
  • This is part of an ongoing pathway to increase mobility and is specific to those who might be part of NDIS or other medical protocols where mobility is hindered. Also targets those who might be living with cerebral palsy or scoliosis and reduced capacity to function due to injury or illness.

Cranial / Jaw Therapy Initial

$175 / Section
  • Deep Tissue work on the jaw and orbital fossa, cranium and tongue placement.